Our firm offers assistance in recovering money that is owed on outstanding accounts. Our debt collection department is equipped to recover monies before they develop into arrear payments. Our main aim is to ensure that we reach settlements on behalf of our clients without having to approach a court. In the event that the debtors fail to make payments or honor their obligations, only then will we proceed with litigation. Our collection services are provided to a wide variety of clients, including but not limited to well-known financial institutions, medical practitioners as well as private entities.

Our debt collection services include:

  • Acknowledgments of debt;
  • Advising clients on the processes to minimize arrears;
  • Blacklisting of debtors;
  • Issuing letter of demands in terms of the National Credit Act;
  • Issuing summonses;
  • Sales in execution;
  • Settlement negotiations with debtors; and
  • Warrants of execution.